Our integrated systems and service offerings comprise;

Our specialised agile teams study individual business needs, innovate, design and deliver scalable solutions to meet the unique requirements that safely elevate and sustain your business’ competitive edge above competition. We offer fully integrated services related to Warehousing and Distribution, Last-Mile Delivery and Order Fulfilment. We understand that time is of essence; tap into our DIFOT (delivery in full on-time) to ensure your business requirements are fulfilled, service commitments are met and most importantly, customers are satisfied – timely. 

Our strength is vested in our ability to offer best-in-class adaptive and hassle-free logistics solutions that ensure your consignment moves seamlessly from one point to another and keep your supply chains running smoothly, efficiently and effectively. We sustain our edge through carefully selected and strong logistics alliances globally, versatile facilities across the region and reliable supply chain management systems. 

Covered Storage, multi temperature regime
Special Tagging & Labelling
Order Processing & Fulfilment
LastMile Delivery/ Distribution
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The East African region gives us a competitive advantage to effectively reach and deliver to and from Uganda, Rwanda, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Central African Republic, Kenya, Tanzania, and Zambia, among other proximity states.

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