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As Seahorse Logistics, We aspire to be the innovative global logistics company of choice by value delivered. 

We have the hands-on experience and expertise to effectively coach your organization and to correctly interpret the quality standard for your particular application. Our consultants have worked hand-in-hand with a wide variety of industries and segments.
Our consultants have worked hand-in-hand with a wide variety of clients including companies in manufacturing, service providers; Oil and Gas industry; Constructions ..etc

We pride ourselves in delivering excellence with each and every course session: Quality is always at the core of what we do. Our oil and gas courses, developed and taught exclusively by highly experience experts valued by the industry for over 30 years .
Our training sessions equip our clients with powerful skills to remain competitive in an increasingly complex petroleum industry. We accelerate careers and empower people, striving to achieve the best possible results.

Tap into the new opportunities that come with digitalization, making your supply chain more robust and efficient. Collaboration between our partners and suppliers through digital connectivity creates seamless data exchanges, removing barriers and revealing new levels of accuracy and efficiency sustainably. Sea Horse logistics is available to innovatively and effectively navigate this landscape with you. Our solutions make your supply chain more efficient through enhanced transparency, robust responsiveness, simplification of supply chain management, and smarter decision-making. 

Our experienced logistics experts equipped with Six Sigma Certifications deliver cutting edge supply chain solutions to improve supply chain performance, minimise cost to create efficiencies, in the end, sharpening and sustaining each customer’s competitive edge. Our approach is simple, customised and flexible. We offer a dedicated project team approach in which we assign a dedicated Project Manager to execute a complete review of existing systems and practices and recommend improvements using Six Sigma DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyze-Implement-Control) Road map Toolset. During the project period, your Team will gain unlimited access to our diverse teams that have experience in designing and implementation of supply chain management solutions. 

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The East African region gives us a competitive advantage to effectively reach and deliver to and from Uganda, Rwanda, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Central African Republic, Kenya, Tanzania, and Zambia, among other proximity states.

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